enQuire BUY     Lucianne Lassalle

born in Paris  1960. ( Her aunt, the painter Sylvette David/Lydia Corbett, was Picasso’s model for the Girl with a Pony Tail series) Her stunning sculptures in Bronze and resin, are available as single works, and small editions. She works to commission, and has exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Switzerland.

Lassalle’s art is defined by supreme expression and awareness of the human form. She excels in this field, as well as taking the compositions to occasionally challenging as well as humorous places. She shows nationally and internationally, with her work being available in stoneware, bronze, bronze and iron resin, and other media like aluminium. Her work is uniquely identifiable, creative and imaginative. Recently producing stunning still lifes in oil.
She trained at Winchester and Canterbury and took her MA at Middlesex University.