OWNART scheme

£100 – £2,500 interest-free 
over ten months
£100 – £2,500 interest-free over ten months
£2,500 – £25K interest free over ten months   with OWNart PLUS!
£2,500 – £25K interest free over ten months with OWNart PLUS!

subsidised by the arts council

Become a collector with ease – budget for your passion! If you work out what you think you could allow for your art budget per month, multiply it by 10 and you’ll see the price range that works for you. If you think £100 pcm is do-able, that means you have £1,000 in any year to spend on a piece of art, or indeed several pieces! Pay off over the next ten months, interest-free and plan what you’ll treat yourself to next year – what’s not to love?

The bowie gallery is proud to be a member of this brilliant scheme, supported by the Arts Council UK. Created to enable more people to enjoy the pleasure of owning art it means you can spread your payments over ten interest-free months. For purchases of original work and related items such as jewellery and arseart, between £100 and £2,500 What’s not to love!!  £500 picture? That’s £50 pcm x 10 and take the work with you immediately. (you will need Driving licence – i.e. signature and address – and your bank account number) Also – Own Art PLUS ! up to £25,000 ten months interest-free.

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