Sally Hunton trained in Fine Art at Wimbledon in the early 70’s, and returned to painting some years ago. She works from her studio in Devon, and creates the most wonderful works with a freshness and imaginative fluidity that is impressive.    She works largely with oil sticks and wax on paper. The paper is coated in a layer of candle wax, which is then covered with one or more layers of oil, on which she then draws – using a scalpel knife. Extra colour, or foil paper is then added. She also utilises what she describes as “exciting chance elements” which occur with this method.    Sally is inspired in various ways, which she sums up as follows:

“ The Garden – a place of both beauty and decay: Interiors – Order and Chaos: The Human Figure – I have always enjoyed Life Drawing and often use the figure to convey emotion: Symbolism – in myth and religion.”

A particular series  was inspired by her backstage time observing KNEEHIGH THEATRE COMPANY, who were performing their interpretation of Angela Carter’s novel Nights at the Circus.

Approximate price range: £600-£950

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