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Born in 1948 – Jilly Sutton is a successful sculptor, gaining international recognition. Recently returned from Venice where her work was shown by Gallery Holly Snapp; also in Antwerp, Belgium where large pieces sold to Tokyo; She also has work in the National Portrait Gallery, and has exhibited extensively in Europe.
“Her sculptures are mainly wooden, and principally figurative. Many pieces are cast in bronze, or bronze resin. Jilly has work in private collections and public galleries, including National Portrait Gallery; Museum of Liverpool Life, and the RIBA. Her work is arresting, but at the same time there is an overwhelming feeling of serenity. There is a decisive shape and form to her pieces, but also a dynamism that comes from the organic character of the material. Surface texture is important in both her 2D and 3D work.
Jilly’s driving force comes from the tranquillity of her surroundings. She comes from a family of nurserymen, growing trees; and lives in a wooden house on the banks of the Dart Estuary, where the calmness and order of the river continually influence the peacefulness of her sculptures.” GR 2004.

Most recent exhibitions:
Galrie Het Vijfde Huis – Scandinavia
Gallery Holly Snapp, Venice
Rebecca Hossack London;
Art London 2006
Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh;
Andras kaldor Gallery Dartmouth Devon;
Coombe Gallery Dittisham Devon;
Simon Drew, Dartmouth
Annexe Gallery The Barbican Plymouth Feb 2006