Helen Melland makes paintings of abstracted landscapes, symbols and figures – mysterious other realms with open ended possibilities. (all work available interest-free with Own ART enQ)
Delicate paint work is built up in intricate layers, in search of suggestions, ambiguous scenarios or resonances with different psychological states.  There is plenty of room for speculation.
This singular, sensitive work uses watercolour, acrylics and gouache, applied mostly to linen (sometimes canvas).
Helen gained an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University in 2002, following on from a BA in Art and Design History at Manchester Metropolitan University, (1994), and a year at Chelsea College of Art in 2000.
Moving to the South West of England with her growing family after 12 years in London, she now lives and works on Dartmoor.
Helen has exhibited widely in both London and the South West including the Royal Academy in London, and regularly at the Royal Western Academy in Bristol.

Work is held in public and private collections, notably the Women’s Art Collection at New Hall, Cambridge University and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

proximate price range: £250-£750

Please contact the gallery for availability and additional information 01803 863054