enQuire Born in Somerset in 1977, Hannah spent her youth exploring the Westcountry with her family. Hannah’s artwork has been influenced by a bohemian upbringing and an alternative education. Being brought up on the North Devon coastline in an isolated old cottage without the distractions of modern life made drawing by candlelight her favourite past-time. The decision to live simply and without electricity helped develop an overactive imagination and a fascination with dark corners.
Painting was temporarily replaced with photography whilst bringing up a young family. She worked in a photographic studio subsequently refining her own visual and conceptual work that emerged through portrait photography, band artwork and creative photographic experiments.
Hannah started painting again in 2010 experimenting with mixed media, acrylics and oils on a variety of surfaces. She currently enjoys painting low light / candlelit oil portraits on canvas, inspired by the intimacy and ambience that limited light creates.
Hannah’s work moves between several projects at any one time depending on materials, inspiration and upcoming exhibitions . The common theme that appears in most of the projects is the fascination with shadows. Sensitive and beautiful paintings.